40 Mls Oils – B217 – Old Holland Blue Deep


Colour name: Old Holland Blue Deep
Colour number: 217
Series: B
Pigment classification: Synthetic ultramarine-Pthalocyanine-Dioxazine special
Available: in 18 ml, 40 ml, 60 ml, 125 ml, 225 ml tube
Colour index: PB29-PG7-PV23
Colour index number: 77007-74260-51319
Lightfastness: Lightfast pigment according to ASTM category 1 and 2
Opacity/transparency: Opaque

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Old Holland still make their oil colours using the traditional recipes and the production process used by the Old Dutch masters. Nothing surpasses the quality, colour strength and intensity. The proof? You can still admire in the biggest museums the splendour of their colours and pigments in the paintings of the most famous Dutch masters, such as Vermeer, Van Gogh and Hals.

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